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Nothing beats having to be knowledgeable about the law. Remember, the saying goes, ═×ignorance excuses on one═č. Therefore, once you have committed that violates the law whether you know about it or not, you will be penalized or punished accordingly. Thus, it does pay off if you have knowledge about certain laws that affect your rights and daily life. In this way, if your right is being violated or you have violated the right of the others you know what to do and avail of the legal remedy.


It does take time to resolve legal issue. Thus, be sure you do know what your course of action is and if there are alternative route you can partake to ensure the legal issue on hand can be remedied without going through the entire legal system.


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Our advocacy is to be of service to the people through delivering free legal information. We believe when a person is informed he or she can make a sound decision and can live a life without having to face serious legal matter, if indeed faced with one, it can be mitigated or avoided


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Filing for divorce may entail you a legal fee if you are going to hire a lawyer to assist you in the process. However, you can file for a divorce on your own if it is no-fault and uncontested. All you have to do is to fill up divorce forms and file it with the court. To help you out, do check out the following steps for DIY divorce

Step 1 Where to file
The place as to where you are going to apply for a divorce is important. This will determine as to which court will handle the divorce case. What needs to be considered about the place where to file for divorce? Is it the place where the party is a resident thereof? Is it the place where the community state is located? Also, do consider the travel time in going to the court as well. If you want to know more about residency requirements and all sorts of requirements, you can check further information online. Remember, the requirements do vary according to what state you are in.

Step 2 Agreement
This is more to make it clear about the division of properties and assets, child support, custody of the children, and alimony. The spouses may have the option to ask the court to incorporate the agreement (legal separation, prenuptial, annulment, or premarital) made right before the marriage was being entered into. Such agreement would be included in the final decree only if it was fairly and knowingly agreed to by the spouses.

Step 3 Filing
Next one, is the filing for the divorce. The spouse who files for the divorce is called plaintiff. Then, the other spouse is called respondent or defendant. You could always check out websites offering free legal forms when it comes to summaries to divorce law, forms for uncontested and no-fault divorce.

Step 4 Serving of copy
Copies of the divorce forms must be served on the other spouse. There is a possibility that the other party may sign what is called a waiver of service. This is to so that there is no longer a requirement of using formal service. Right after initial petition is done, the divorce papers will be served via regular mail.

In case, you want to get hold of legal advice; you could always an assistance from a lawyer. Of course, it can cause you to pay him or her for the service. Nevertheless, you will be guided accordingly and filing for divorce will be made easy at your end. If money is no issue at your end, ask help from a lawyer. However, if you are keen to DIY to save legal fees, you could always do it. Do check out different sources online for legal forms for divorce and for a recommendation on how to deal with it. You will be able to gather information on how things are done, and what you need to consider before filing for a divorce. Do take the time to do the research, gathering of details, before you proceed with the actual filing for divorce. This way you are assured that everything is done according to the law.

Do take note, filing for divorce may involve not just legal aspects of it, as to who will get the custody of the kids, financial matters but it also involves the emotional aspect. The road ahead may be tough, and you need to be emotionally prepared for it especially when the kids are involved. You and your kids need to be prepared for this new chapter of all your lives. Once this is done, there will be another chapter that all of you are going to face ahead.

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