How A Family Law Attorney Orlando Practice Can Help You

How A Family Law Attorney Orlando Practice Can Help You

Are you experiencing problems with your family related to money, children or other seemingly personal circumstances? Do you fear hiring a family law attorney Orlando practitioner for help because you think you should “keep it in the family”? No matter what the situation, you deserve to have appropriate legal council regarding your rights and responsibilities. Otherwise, you could end up making mistakes that can create additional problems down the line.

Although Orlando has world-class entertainment and is a short distance from the beach, it is not an escape from reality. And, for some couples, that can mean a divorce is on the horizon. While people often have a difficult time facing the truth, ignoring a broken relationship helps nobody. Whether you are a newlywed or have been married for decades, being miserable is no way to live!

Sticking your head in the sand will either keep you in the same boat, or being blindsided by divorce papers. If you have been served with divorce papers, you need to retain an attorney now! Even in an amicable divorce you need to have someone reviewing the documentation with your interests in mind. Remember that your spouse’s attorney is not working for you.

If you haven’t been served divorce documents but know that a separation is imminent, retaining an attorney to get the ball rolling gives you the upper hand. While you might not want to see the procedure that way, the fact is that certain legal rights are given to the party who files for the divorce.

Cases involving child custody, with or without a divorce involved, are also handled by your family law attorney Orlando. In recent decades, the family law cases involving children and their rights have undergone dramatic changes as the law struggles to keep up with technological and social changes. A generation or two back, virtually all custody cases involved the two biological children.

Sometimes grandparents want legal custody to protect the grandchildren, or members of a dissolving same-sex marriage might need to ensure that the child is going to be appropriately cared for, no matter what happens. This can be part of a breakup, union, or for whatever reason one or both partners decide. When you add in stepparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, the laws become even more challenging to discern.

A family law attorney Orlando can help with various other matters to help ensure that you are legally protected in every possible way. In addition to children being fought over, an attorney can advocate for abused and neglected children. Generally these practitioners work with government agencies.

Since the family law umbrella includes domestic violence, an attorney specializing in the field can be retained by the accused and accuser alike. Because the emotions are so high with this kind of cases, having the cooler heads of the attorneys prevail is necessary. From filing a restraining order to going to court, you don’t have to go through the intense process alone!

Another area that falls under the family law umbrella is the drafting of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Your family law attorney can ensure that the documents don’t have any hidden clauses that you don’t understand. Similarly, these attorneys are able to ensure that alimony, child support and other types of payments are calculated correctly. When the prenuptial agreement is not sufficient to determine marital property separation, an attorney will be able to help find a fair settlement.

Questions about paternity can easily be answered these days with a test, allowing men, women and the courts to establish legal responsibility for the child. Unless government benefits are involved, it is difficult for women to pursue a paternity test without a lawyer. Hiring an attorney will begin the legal action necessary to make the father of your child accountable. Similarly, if you have an ex who believes the baby is his, a paternity test can put the conversation to rest.

The circumstances for men are similar. If you think a baby is or isn’t yours, a paternity test can set the record straight once and for all. Once everyone knows, then you can move forward in a healthy manner.

Family law practices can extend beyond the adults in the home. Older children who wish to be emancipated need to meet certain criteria, including filing the appropriate paperwork. A family law attorney can help their clients make the legal transition into adulthood.

As you can see, the practice of family law is vast and complex. Many practitioners choose to further refine their expertise to better serve one particular group of clients. If you are having problems with your family like those listed above, then you need to retain a family law practice now. Find a reputable one with extensive knowledge regarding the branches of law pertinent to your case.


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